Sunday, December 15, 2013

Welcome to The Sandman Slept Here

I swear, this idea came to me as an April Fool's joke.  Changing the topic and design of my Black Canary blog for one day and reviewing some random issue of Sandman Mystery Theatre.  I had some time to kill, so I made up a new header design that I liked.  Really liked.  As in, didn't want to waste it on a single day.

It took about ninety seconds for the flight of fancy to break orbit as a full-blown idea.  A blog for the Golden Age Sandman.  I barely had enough time for the one blog I already ran, and now I wanted to double that workload?  Not a chance!

But there was a compromise: updating the blog weekly instead of daily, using it to complement Flowers & Fishnets rather than rival it.  And so Sandman Saturday was born.  Every weekend starting in January, I'll review an issue of DC/Vertigo's Sandman Mystery Theatre or one of the classic Wesley Dodds tales from the Golden Age.

Enjoy reading... and pleasant dreams!

Sandman by Francesco Francavilla.